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Amazing Birth Stories from Moms who took Sara Kramer's HypnoBirthing Course

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Rebecca’s First Birth

Thank you so much for everything you taught us in your class. Me and Sam gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. And the experience was incredible!  Thanks to your classes we were able to breathe through the contractions and Sam new exactly how to breathe with me and keep me calm and keep me focused on our baby. By the time we arrived at the birthing center we were fully dilated and ready to push! A completely incredible experience and we gave birth to our little girl exactly how we have been hoping.  
- Rebecca, Brooklyn NY

Marina’s First Birth

Thank you Sara!! Your classes were amazing and taught me a lot and allowed me to have a natural birth that I wanted, gave me courage and belief in myself!   
- Marina, NYC

Nina’s First Birth

Hi Sara! I'm so happy to tell you that our baby,  was born the morning of Friday 10/5. Labor progressed much quicker than I was expecting as a first time mom, and only lasted about 5.5 hours! I'm so thankful for the Hypnobirthing classes as I feel like the intensity of the surges would have sent me into a complete panic otherwise, and I don't think I would have known to work with the natural expulsive reflex quite so effectively. 
Thank you so much for everything—I so appreciate your guidance and instruction!  
- Nina, Brooklyn NY

Ayala's First Birth

We want to thank you for making our dream birth a true possibility! My birth was SO beautiful natural present and incredible! I used so many of our practices and mindsets during the birth and they were all so so helpful and centering. Thank you for making HypnoBirthing a reality for me and for showing me that birth can and is so beautiful real and empowering! Bless you with continued strength to keep teaching and empowering woman in the beautiful way that you do.
- Ayala, Queens NY

Liya's First & Second Birth

Sara's course is a must for any mother to be, even if you've already given birth. I took it twice for the birth of both of my kids ( the second time was a refresher). Throughout my pregnancies and during birth I saw benefits from the practice hypnosis we did in class, and at home . Sarah has a soothing voice and a calm way about her. She helped me take the pressure off of myself. She put my mind at ease, and helped me let go of some of the fears I had with giving birth. Even though my experiences were different, I was ecstatic and smiled during both births because I was waiting to see my baby. I was able to have a calm experience in a hostile environment. Sara does a great job at empowering the parent(s), in a realistic, yet gentle manner. She lets them know what to expect, and how to calmly handle less than ideal situations that might arise. She goes above and beyond for her students! She checks up on former students, works with your schedule, and allows you to drop in on additional classes if you need, and genuinely wants the best for the mommies and daddies to be. With Sara you get much more than a standard birthing class.
- Liya, Brooklyn NY

Jessica's First Birth

I unexpectedly developed HELLP syndrome so they had to induce me. I was able to articulate that I wanted to deliver vaginally. I refused the epidural several times. So while I did have the epidural catheter put in, I did not allow them to turn the anesthesia on. It took me about 10 hours in labor, but I was able to deliver vagibally and without anesthesia at 5:41am, just 20 minutes before the hospital would have forced me to have a c-section for liability purposes! Your training worked like a charm, when I needed it most. I used the breathing and visualization techniques that you taught us. I spoke to my baby and encouraged him to hurry on out and he did! My husband is now a true believer. We’re convinced that without your training I would have had an unnecessary c-section,We can’t thank you enough and we hope you can share our story with future classes. Even though we had hoped for a purely natural birth, we were still very happy with a vaginal birth given the complications. 
- Jessica, Brooklyn NY

Cassey's First Birth

Thank you so much for all your guidance.  I delivered him in 3 hours, he arrived Sat morning 8.5 lbs. He flew out! Most babies come out with their head and then their shoulders but this baby flew out all-in-one "push" and it only took 6 tries to get him out. We used no medicine and my midwife was shocked how calm I was and how quickly he came for my first pregnancy.  I just kept Going into deep relaxation and thinking "my baby is coming to me". Thank you so much again!!!! Sending you massive joy and gratitude!
- Cassey, Brooklyn NY

Charnie's Third Birth

I had 3 HypnoBirths with no epidural and one was better than the next! I highly recommend the Hypnobirthing method and Sara Kramer's course as a preparation for labor and delivery. I call it my 'toolbox'- all the many methods and techniques that you learn, and you can use what works for you. I was able to approach labor and go through childbirth with a positive, excited mindset, and ride the waves of labor. When you take the HypnoBirthing course with Sara you will feel empowered and prepared for any birth situation! I highly recommend the course as a gift to yourself!
- Charnie, Queens NY

Dee's First Birth

Taking Sara's class was what really helped me get through my pregnancy and prepare for birth. I've never felt so calm, and relaxed as I did during her classes and I went into the delivery room armed with the skills I felt I needed to give birth naturally. Utilizing the breathing techniques Sara thought me is what helped me get through the hardest parts of my labor. I could not have done it if I hadn't taken this class. I cannot recommend this class enough!!
- Dee, Teeneck NJ

Helen's First Birth

It was an amazing experience, the most intense one I've ever had!  The HypnoBirthing definitely helped. Thank you so much for helping to make the birth so positively memorable
- Helen, Brooklyn NY

Daphne's First Birth

Nothing went as expected so my partner had to step up to the plate -  which he did! He was the perfect partner and remembered everything from the class, including sending the nurses and doctors away to catch a breather :) Even though nothing went as expected and rehearsed during my labor, it was still magical, I look back on it super positively and can't wait till the next one.
-Daphne, Brooklyn NY

Estelle's Nineth Birth

It was like a miracle happened to me. I was induced and the baby came in 5 hours with barely any discomfort. I was on pitocin without an epidural as I am not a candidate for an epidural due to low platelets. Using HypnoBirthing I was in control for the whole time and relaxing. I was in the tub for a while relaxing and breathing down. When I felt like I needed a change. I thought I still had a lot of work ahead of me. With the first surge back in bed the baby was born with out me realizing I was birthing my baby. I know this sounds made up but it really happened to me. I keep telling everyone about my story and how HypnoBirthing changed my whole view of the birthing experience! You helped me so much, Thank you
- Estelle, Lakewood NJ

Rachel's Fourth Birth

"Our beautiful baby girl was born at 10:00 this morning weighing 7 lbs 15 oz. Thanks to the relaxation exercises, the labor went very fast and much better than my previous experiences! I got a nurse who was into natural, she massaged my back during back labor and I did not have an epidural. My husband said that I did not looked drained afterwards like I did after my previous births. Thanks for everything!" 
- Rachel, Queens NY

Leah's First Birth

"Thank You! Can't believe that I did it. What an amazing experience!!! The HypnoBirthing really helped me focus."
- Leah, Brooklyn NY

Hudi's First Birth

It mostly helped me because I knew what was happening in my body, and that kept me calm. Nothing was really surprising (except the date) - once I knew I was in labor, I knew what to expect and the whole experience was pretty positive. The birth was actually the easiest part of the whole pregnancy.
- Hudi, Brooklyn NY

Gitty's Third Birth

"Hi Sara, You helped me out so much. I found out that I was not allowed to get an epidural because my platelets got to low. But because of your class I was able to still go in without fear and I opened to 9 with no pain whatsoever!! My midwife used the the affirmations when I started to get panicky and I was able to calm down and push him out in 15 minutes. All 8 lbs, 14 oz! Thank G-d, we're doing amazing!! My midwife kept telling me the whole time, whenever I said, I can't believe I'm 9 and not in pain. She kept saying, Birth does not have to be painful. This is how it should be. It was unreal! Thank you so so much! I cannot ever thank you enough!"
- Gitty, Lakewood NJ

Bracha's First Birth

"I learned not to fear but to trust. During my labor I was peaceful and excited for my baby to arrive. I had back labor and I felt no pain whatsoever. I was optimistic and focused. Hypnobirthing is the best drug one could use during labor."
- Bracha, Far Rockaway NY

Chevy's Third Birth

It was not my first child but my first one to get to the hospital fully dilated and not needing to get hooked up to anything! Thanks to you! A dream come true!
- Chevy, Brooklyn NY

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"About 70% of HypnoBirthing moms need no pain medication"  ~ TRACY DONEGAN,  Certified Midwife

"About 70% of HypnoBirthing moms need no pain medication"
~ TRACY DONEGAN, Certified Midwife

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